Spring is a different kind of animal in Texas. We go from a frigid 50 degrees 🤣 to 90+ in no time flat. Thankfully, the good Lord blessed us with bluebonnets, otherwise, we wouldn’t know that season existed

….except here at Texas State.

The Spring semester is busy from start to finish. By the end of the first week, students are already in need of a break from the stress of the upcoming semester. This time we retreated to the beautiful H. E. Butt Foundation campsite called Linnets Wing. We heard some fantastic lessons from Cory Myers, a Gospel preacher from nearby Blanco, TX. It doesn’t take long to be encouraged by Christians from other colleges across the state to come together to sing, laugh, study, and enjoy each other’s company. From there we quickly begin prepping for the upcoming Mission Trip only 2 months away. Students work hard to raise support, learn the material, train to be Bible study leaders, and mentally prepare for being in another country. To learn more about our mission trip, I encourage you to go see our report. Of course, at that time we don’t stop our regular Bible Studies! This semester we decided as a group to study the fundamentals of evangelism. Each week we took a deep dive into the following topics: The call for evangelism, sin, salvation, the church, and common misunderstandings regarding the Faith. Alongside that we were blessed to have an alumni, SWSBS grad, and PhD student, Jon Williams teach a class on the life of Abraham. He is a good friend and an even better teacher.

I wish every congregation were blessed with the rich resources we have here at the University Church of Christ (San Marcos), which is why we take the work at McCarty so seriously. We know that the work we take on will likely not show the majority of its fruit in our congregation but in those throughout the state. We work hard to guide students through college life and prepare them for future success in the kingdom, knowing it will likely be elsewhere. 

Speaking of which, what is the Spring semester without a graduation banquet?! This year we’re graduating two exceptional students, Willis King and Lila Moseley. While Lila plans to stay nearby (and marry some guy named Caelan), Willis will soon be traveling north of Austin to be a shining light in his community there. It is bittersweet, but we are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to their future success. 

One thing that is unique about the Bobcats for Christ is our semester does not end with a final. No, our semester ends with Focal Point. For many years we have held a preacher’s workshop on the first full week of May, which happens to coincide with finals at Texas State. Our students have the opportunity to finish their finals, and then participate in this wonderful event. Focal Point may be for preachers primarily, but there is no better way for a college student to fill their cup after a long hard semester than in an environment like Focal Point. If you are unfamiliar with Focal Point, or if you are and have not yet registered, please make sure to follow the link and register today! https://univcofc.org/ministries/focal-point/



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