Tom McCarty’s vision was to give university students a place to ground their spirituality and take The Gospel to the college campus. As a local rancher and large land owner, Mr. McCarty, a faithful member of the University Church of Christ, left his entire estate in a trust fund for this very purpose. The vision became reality in September of 1963 when the building was completed and became The McCarty Student Center, a base of operation for Christian service. Mr. McCarty created a unique arrangement in which a Board of Directors (originally Trustees) made up of faithful members of the University congregation, would oversee and maintain the building and grounds, but the campus minister would serve under the direction of the eldership at the University church of Christ. The building has been used continually since 1963 to teach Bible and Religion courses to college students. Over the past 50+ years McCarty Student Center and the people who have occupied its offices and hallways have made a huge impact on the Lord’s church. Those alumni can be found in faithful Christian homes; serving as elders, deacons, wives and mothers; teaching the Bible to men, women, and children; serving as fill-ins for preachers near and far; and preaching the gospel from week to week in located ministry. As a Christian anchor on the campus community for students who are finding their way, McCarty Student Center builds up these young Christians in the most holy faith. Many have been taught the words whereby they might be saved at the center or through the influence of the center. It should be expected and is evidenced through the decades that McCarty alumni are prepared and faithful servants of The King. Finally, McCarty has been blessed by and has been a blessing to many young adults who have found their life-long mates at the center, established strong Christian homes, and raised faithful Christian children.