A Letter of Introduction from Caleb Moseley (New McCarty Board of Director’s Member)

I was born in San Marcos, TX. My father, Ben, was a gospel preacher and we moved around frequently throughout Central and East Texas. We eventually moved back to the San Marcos area where I am currently a member of the University Church of Christ.

I have three daughters, Lila, Lainey, and Lexi. Lila is currently a Junior student at Texas State University, Lainey is a Junior in high school, and Lexi is in third grade.

I have worked for Texas State University in San Marcos for the past 19 years in the Parking and Transportation division. For the past three years, I have worked alongside the Bobcats for Christ, the student organization at McCarty Student Center, in the role of Student Advisor and newly elected Board member of Directors for McCarty Student Center.

The McCarty Student Center holds a special place in my heart, not as an alumnus, but as the young son of a previous Director. Growing up, I have many, many memories of being at McCarty and interacting with the student body, attending retreats, devotionals, and various activities. I believe in the work that goes on there, and I count it a blessing and privilege to be a part of the work.



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