To tell our story is impossible with the McCarty Student Center. 

I come from a preaching family and one that had ties to the University Church of Christ and the McCarty Student Center. After graduating from High School in Malvern, Arkansas I hopped from one college to another trying to find my place. I’m sure it frustrated my parents, Tom and Carole Moore. By the time I made it to Texas State in 2008, I had to bring transcripts from three different colleges. I was lost in many facets of my life, wandering through the void of what could be my future. That was until one night while sitting alone in my dorm, a student at the McCarty Student Center reached out to me and invited me to visit McCarty. From there I went on to meet Trent and Betty, visited University, joined the mission team, and for the first time in my life knew that I had found my place.

It was at McCarty that I went from a boy who held onto his parents faith to a young man who found his own faith. Eventually I was given the opportunity to serve as a campus evangelist intern during the summer, while at the same time being a student coach for the Texas State Football team Strength & Conditioning program. Eventually I realized, however, I could not maintain both jobs, and had to choose whether to follow a lifelong dream to coach College Football or to devote my life to the ministry of the Gospel. Through my experiences at McCarty under the leadership of Trent, Wayne, Andy, and so many more, a fire had been sparked in my bones that I could not smother. I chose to complete my bachelors degree at Texas State and then to enroll in the Southwest School of Bible Studies in Austin, Texas. 

Since then I have worked as a youth minister in Texas and Tennessee until we were blessed with the opportunity to return where it all began. 

I owe more than I can ever explain to the McCarty Student Center and the people who invested in our lives. It was there I found my faith, my wife (Emily), my closest friends, and my purpose in life. Our family has been and continues to be blessed by God, and that began in many respects at a little red-roofed building at 506 N Guadalupe St.



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